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Manufacturing and Engineering

Manufacturing and Engineering

Manufacturing and Engineering industries with wide range of products and solutions face many complex challenges in their work to achieve excellence for ISO standards. Many Industries are utilizing quality management software solutions to implement their quality processes against standards like ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008 etc, to decrease costs, cut down cycle times, and to achieve overall progress in product and process quality. Aura is an organization focused software solution with continuous improvement, and deploys a process-centric approach towards quality management system. Many manufacturers have to comply with assessments, audits, or other quality methodologies to persist and to be a pioneer supplier to their customers. Aura can be used by any Manufacturing & Engineering industry to manage their overall quality process, added with meeting and training scheduling solutions to make the work procedures streamlined.

Solution Offerings

  • Aura offers the industry’s most advanced and wide range of quality management solutions to manage & monitor regulatory compliance requirements & new initiatives.
  • Leading manufactures and engineering industries are using Aura’s quality management software solutions to maintain quality management system in their operational activities
  • Aura provides organization-specific quality management system requirements and enables to streamline quality process.
  • Technologies involved in development of Aura provide real-time visibility into the quality management metrics and provides better process management system for users.
  • Aura enables manufacturers to implement an integrated approach towards quality management system that ensures compliance with industry standards and internal policies.
  • Comprehensive management system provided in Aura will facilitate to avoid gaps in compliance.
  • Reduction in costs of correcting defects in existing process.
  • Meetings and Trainings sync with outlook integration.

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