Quality Compliance Monitoring &
Process Management System

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  • Track Non-Conformities & OIs with Aura’s Internal Audit Report

    Mar - 23 - 2017

    Internal audit report in any organization is a document that provide various insights about a business and its processes, auditors may use the internal audit report To evaluate the organization ...

  • Monthly Audit Publishing made easier with Aura QMS

    Feb - 23 - 2017

    AURA powerful web-based QMS software offers unique solutions for integrating quality systems to achieve enterprise-wide performance. Assists every organization to become more competitive and profitable instead of being built around ...

  • AURA facilitates the Default Clause References for ISO Standards

    Jan - 25 - 2017

    In many businesses compliance initiatives starts when projects were in a stage to meet compliance deadlines for a specific standardization within the organization. However, process compliance measurement is not a ...

  • New Initiative Management with QMS

    Dec - 20 - 2016

    All your to-do business initiatives are being managed in spreadsheets and PowerPoint? Is your ROI being reduced because of poor co-ordination? Is your new initiative execution is lowering because of ...

  • Timely Audit completion and report submission with Aura

    Nov - 25 - 2016

    Many organizations today started to observe the real values in investing audit management software’s, especially when it comes to streamline auditing process. Audits are becoming crucial across various departments, from ...

  • Effective Task Management with Aura

    Oct - 28 - 2016

    Audit management software in an organization gives the flexibility to manage and support all types of audits, including internal audits, IT audits, operational audits and quality audits. Automated Audit management ...

  • AURA Showcases at GiTEX 2016

    Sep - 26 - 2016

    AURA web based enterprise grade QMS software providing `a fully integrated compliance monitoring system ` is glad to publicize its participation in GITEX Technology Week 2016 in Dubai, scheduled to ...

  • Root Cause Analysis with Automated QMS

    Sep - 21 - 2016

      RootCause analysis is about very specifically determining the when, where and why of a problem at its source, before it ripples out to affect the end-user second time. This RootCause analysis is a deductive ...

  • AURA Facilitates to avoid Audit Non Conformities

    Aug - 23 - 2016

    Today, organizations are taking more active role in focusing on quality. Among the essential elements of a well-established Quality Management System (QMS), Audit non-conformance management or deviation handling plays a ...

  • Aura facilitates to measure the Effectiveness of the Audit

    Jul - 26 - 2016

    Auditing, when effectively implemented in an organization it drives quality results and arguably it is considered as the most important tool in the quality system tool box. It’s the primary ...

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