13 July 2016

Assessment management to meet regulatory compliance

Assessment management to meet regulatory compliance

Assessment management– The process of monitoring and measuring compliance and improvements against standards (ISO 9001; 2008, ISO 27001 etc.). where compliance is adherence to a regulation, such as a specification, standard, procedure, policy or law. Meeting regulatory compliance enables an organization to ensure that they stick to the ISO standards they aspire for and take necessary efforts to achieve it.

“Compliance is about more than prevention and also about navigating opportunities”

Here are the key areas where regulatory compliance helps organizations in meeting standards:

  • A good compliance program will help to prevent errors before they occur or notify them at an early stage, this reduces the need to repeat or re-do tasks which in turn greatly reduces the time & cost.
  • Ensures compliance requirements are met by performing a scheduled audit. Where audits are extremely useful in analyzing multiple process at a time with single checklist, and in many cases auditing helps in analyzing how compliance is handled within the organization. Minimizing process gaps will help in improving organization standards.
  • Includes comprehensive methodology for evaluating and preventing risks. With this information in hand, organizations can develop effective mitigation strategies and reduce major noncompliance event or process failure, this helps organizations in setting themselves apart in the marketplace from their competitors.



  • Manages Process and Documents

Simplifies documentation process and reduces paper based manual works

  • Streamlines Processes

Simplifies the management (assessment, audit, documentation and audit) and reporting

  • Improves Collaboration and Review

Engages executives with outcome based approach from assessment and continuous improvement initiatives

  • Transparency and Dashboard Reporting

Generates reports in real-time to view the most up-to-date information

  • Quality assurance

Supports the engagement in constructive continual improvements

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