Product Overview

Almost all regulated companies undergo audit, using an enterprise grade audit management software will facilitate to automate all audit-related tasks, activities and dramatically reduce the time and effort involved in conducting audits. AURA is web-based QMS software that helps organizations to effectively monitor and manage their regulatory compliance activities. Our organization-specific quality management system enables you to streamline audit scheduling process, mitigate operational risks, optimise quality mgmt. process across the organization and assure compliance against various ISO / Regulatory standards.

Aura Product Overview

A powerful & flexible QMS software for regulated companies

Quality Management System

With Aura audit management software Organisations can seamlessly automate quality management processes & maintain quality standards specific to different business areas within the enterprise. Actually, Quality Management is not alone related to audit process efficiency, it is about continuously improving and leveraging the corrective action, preventive action data to make better, more informed decisions. Aura has set of features to streamline internal audit and thereby meet requirements of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485 standards.

  • Reduces costs of correcting defects and enables companies to monitor risks and ensure compliance across organizational regulatory standards.
  • Facilitates to avoid gaps in compliance, expose ineffective controls and help improvements in process requirements that lead to customer satisfaction and new improvement initiatives.
  • Assists organisation in managing meetings, trainings schedule, goals / POA tasks and complete internal audit activities.

Advantages of using Aura QMS Software

  • 1Mitigate Risks Identified
  • 2Complete Visibility of Audit Process
  • 3Record Valuable Audit Insights
  • 4Facilitates Audit Cycle
Audit Life-Cycle
  • Document / Data decentralization – Online document Management. Anybody who is in need of a document template / data, need not wait for anyone.
  • Efficient Event / Schedule Management – Time spent for communicating the audit plans, reports & tracking the status can be reduced
  • Automatic alerts – supports the users by reminding the schedules which results in 100% schedule adherence
  • Outlook integration – Schedules would be integrated in the respective user’s outlook
  • Schedule Notifications – Email triggering during AUDIT schedules, Pre Audit & Post Audit activities
  • Effective task management supports from missing out tasks. Also facilitate to track the task completion trend.