Quality management system software is really useful for implementing processes and procedures that lead to excellent quality control resulting into total quality management.  By using this software, you can ensure that the quality management system benefits are being fully obtained, and Corrective Actions, Preventive Actions are implemented wherever necessary.


  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Drive continual Improvement
  • Increased process efficiencies
  • Document / Data decentralization
  • Effective task management
  • Make changes to the system seamlessly
  • Improved traceability
  • Outlook integration for reminders
  • Reduction in costs of correcting defects in existing process
  • Real-time quality performance statistics

Benefits of Audit Module for Audit In-charge

Benefits of Audit Module for Audit In-charge

Time Saving Up to 50% in Internal Audit Publishing

Multiple audit import function in a single file – internal audit publishing (Eg: To publish 10 different audit with all the mandatory updates takes nearly 1 hour to complete, through our multiple import option, we need just 1/2 hour to publish. Hence time saving up to 50%).

Easy Tracking of The Audits Planned and Completed

Single consolidated email triggered on every month beginning representing the total number of planned audits against completion of the previous month audit along with percentage which drastically saves the tracking time to the in-charge up to 80% which helps in post audit task closure (Eg: To view 10 audits separately and analyse the status, it takes around 30 mins, but through this singly consolidated email, it drastically reduces to 5 mins).

Visual Statistics

(Graphs and Data trend on a monthly basis) – Increase accountability and visibility.

Benefits of Aura Audit Module for Users (Auditee and Auditor)

Benefits of Aura Audit Module for Users (Auditee and Auditor)

Time Saving

Aura helps to reduce cost and enhance overall productivity for both Auditee and Auditor. Simplifies the day-to-day work by standardizing process and automating repetitive tasks, thereby boosting the performance and effectiveness of the entire auditing reducing the audit time up to 25%.

Automatic E-mail triggering

Automatic E-mail triggering on a daily basis on the list of pending task as reminders, makes daily monitoring tasks easier for both Auditee and Auditor to do their jobs properly while keeping track of their individual task completion status without missing the TAT – 100 % on time closure of completed audits.

Accuracy of data captured

Improves the accuracy of data captured during the audit – Audit findings was directly captured in the tool by the Auditor during the audit, so miss outs can be totally avoided.