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Healthcare providers are focusing on large number of compliance requirements related to documenting patient information, operational practices, and service procedures etc., Hence they need Regulatory compliance solutions against standards, Other than regulatory solutions the need for healthcare providers to prepare themselves for audits is much important. Many Healthcare service providers are concerned in providing an environment which is more beneficial to the healing or comfort of patients. They also endeavor to maintain a state of total compliance which adapts governmental regulations, and to maintain accreditations that help to streamline best and safe practices within the healthcare industry.

Solution Offerings

  • Aura’s quality management solution helps to improve supporting quality programs through document management, on-going auditing processes to record and report issues and non-conformance incidents with resulting corrective actions.
  • Diverse internal processes in every facet of the organization’s operation & automates key quality management.
  • Enabled with dashboards, and graphical charts provide transparency into on-going healthcare compliance solutions. User friendly dashboards enhance perceptibility into the process, enabling managers to track the audit status in real-time.
  • Aura’s advanced capability such as real-time status tracking and reporting allow organizations to implement standardized processes.
  • Aura’s best practices for assessments and internal audits. With Quality management solution empowers Healthcare organizations to stay ahead of audit requirements, with mitigating complications.
  • Comprehensive management system in Aura will facilitate to expose ineffective controls and help improvements in process requirements that lead to customer satisfaction.
  • Aura’s real time tracking pattern solution enables healthcare providers to gain a complete view of the quality compliance at every stage.

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