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Textile Industry

Textile Industry

Textile industries today are facing severe competition in the international market; their Performances are progressed in such a way by making comparison with their competitors in the dimensions like consistency, reliability, innovation and quality. In this competitive economy, Textile industries must face the challenge of continually improving the quality standards. Aura’s web based Quality Management solutions help Textile industries to achieve excellence by reduction in time and meet all industrial standards and regulations. The concept of Aura in maintaining quality management has been accepted and suitable for many progressive units in textile industry.

Solution Offerings

  • Aura featured with solutions to create and manage various process, clauses and checklists under respective assessments.
  • Effectiveness to Review & Audit cycle closure in audit management.
  • Facilitate the user to select the task type either it can be Daily tasks or POA.
  • Displays the upcoming schedules in the end users login.
  • Articles created by a second level user will be visible to the end users with authentication.
  • Aura’s focused methodologies and in-build solutions helps the business needs of Textile industries, companies and are deployed to achieve active business performance improvements.
  • Aura’s advanced competence such as real-time status tracking and reporting allow organizations to implement standardized processes.
  • Comprehensive management system provided in Aura will facilitate to avoid gaps in compliance.

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