18 Feb 2020

Useful tips to improve Document Control efficiently in Web-based QMS System

Useful tips to improve Document Control efficiently in Web-based QMS System

Any company which works to improve its business will need the help of Quality Management System (QMS). The related document control and management modules will definitely stop the headaches of the company from reaching its end-users or customers. But following a document system that is digital and integrated with your QMS will surely enhance your capabilities and quality.

Following the documentation system is not difficult and the web-based QMS will show you improvement in your quality and savings. Here are some useful tips that will be helpful for Document Control and to improve your company and the products. It would be useful for audits too.

Go digital and cut the paperwork. Documents in paper may have been the fundamental method but going digital with a document control software will take you to another level. Once you migrate to a digital document platform the data will be stored centrally and retrieved when required instantly.

Get your team involved. It’s your team that will help your process and products to succeed. Document control will play an important role as a useful tool for all stakeholders in quality assurance. Documents act as a “library” too. It will also promote continuous improvement and foster change that future requirements may demand. Your team has to develop the right culture and frame of mind for quality and productivity, reflecting on positive customer satisfaction. SOPs that support regular audits and assessments, help generate a culture of problem solving and innovation

Chart your Workflows & Automate. The documents need a path to move predictably and be traceable across all levels and departments of the company. The knowledge of the documents must flow through and be ready or prepared for audit any time. Map your document workflow through the company and assign roles and responsibilities. Review your document process to give room for continuous improvement.

To avoid human error, you can opt to automate the document processes wherever possible. It helps in compliance and for faster go-to-market times and reduce costs. Defining the roles as each document has a job or role, just as an employee. Assign rules and guidelines for responsibility, for each phase of the document life-cycle and get it understood by the team.

Put Right Managers & check thoroughly. Be thorough and have the right managers on the job. Check thoroughly you documents and review for discrepancies and non-conformities at each stage, to be corrected promptly. Every member of the team has responsibilities and contribute to document control. Assign selected members with the tasks of monitoring your employees for compliance. they are the experts on your system and are your process managers providing point of reference and audit readiness.

Pick on the right QMS and the software you choose will be involved in your control documents, meeting compliance, and improving quality. You’ll be able to streamline your processes and be audit-ready any time. Quality audits help reduce the cost of poor quality and internal failures. Draw all benefit from a modern web-based QMS software – AURA, which is scalable over time and is multi-location enabled. Details on AURA QMS is at our website – If you like to fill up the enquiry form here, we’ll contact you.