09 May 2015

Important criteria’s that QMS should meet

Important criteria’s that QMS should meet

Few years back, the term quality was specifically referred only to the quality of a product. In recent present “quality” gained a much broader scope. Now quality of an organization is all related products, processes, effectiveness etc. At its core a well-defined quality management system is an integrative solution uniting diverse aspects of a company into a unified purpose of delivering high quality products/services in their best form. An effective quality and compliance management solution is considered to be as the key element for the success of any business.

Key concepts of Quality Management

  • Recognizes the quality related requirements specified to the standards
  • Enhanced process performance applicable to meet quality system requirements
  • Measure, monitor and report the extent of compliance with applicable performance procedures
  • Continually monitor and analyze changes to the requirements and confirm that all changes are reflected necessary
  • Supports processes that continually help organizations to improve overall quality standards.

Major criteria’s that QMS should meet

  • Customer Focus

It is essential for every organization to understand current and future customer needs. A perfect quality management solution should meet customer requirements and exceed customer expectations along with the pre-defined organizational process. Communication with QMS should be balanced and act on findings is vital.

  • Leadership

Leaders will always provide a clear vision to the organization’s future and set challenging goals, targets.Similarly QMS should provide leadership process for organizations to meet quality standards.

  • Process Approach

Managing activities and resources as a process in QMS gives clear indications of what should be the inputs and outputs given to get a clearer idea and to achieve desired outcomes

  • Continual Improvement

Continuously improving processes and systems in QMS will improve overall organizations performance, which will be the permanent objective of organization

  • Factual Approach

QMS should analyze reliable and accurate data and information for appropriate decision making. Analysis combined with experience and intuition will be the powerful decision making part in QMS.

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