Audit Management

Companies that adhere to the ISO 9000 quality standards needs electronic audit management system to manage the full audit lifecycle. It’s difficult to generate accurate & timely reports using disparate electronic spreadsheets and paper documents. Without an effective audit reporting tool manager will not be able to see the big picture of their audit management program.

Aura, Quality management software offers the flexibility & configurability to adapt to company specific business process requirements and helps to define, track, manage, report on the core activities. The flexibility inherent in the design of Aura enables Audit managers to efficiently and effectively control audit schedules, allocate resources and manage complete Internal Audit Activities.

Audit Process Activities

  • Streamline audit scheduling process & assess metrics most important to you
  • Securely manage all information in a centralized, scalable, reliable way
  • Gain real-time visibility into audit processes, history, and findings,
  • Generate configurable draft and final audit reports
  • Route internal audit findings to the appropriate managers for review
  • Monitor subsequent actions in a timely and effective manner


Scheduling module enables the authorized user to select and schedule audit date & time, confirm auditor & auditee, audit venue, appropriate process, checklist etc. Auditors will receive appointment emails that enable them to book their individual calendars.


Publishing module enables the authorized user to publish Audit Schedule as Task to Auditor and Auditee, as well auditor can view the assigned task in dash board.

Pre Audit Activities

Pre Audit Activities

  • Acknowledged status posted – Auditee
  • Request Reschedule / Cancellation – Auditee
  • Approval Authority can approve Reschedule/ Cancellation Request
  • Based on the Approval audit can be Rescheduled / Cancelled

Post Audit Activities

Post Audit Activities

  • Audit Report Submission – Auditor
  • Tracking of Non Conformities (NCs)& Opportunity for Improvements (Ois)
  • Correction, Root cause Analysis
  • Corrective Action Report (CAR) Generation
  • Effectiveness Review & Audit Cycle Closure
  • Audit Summary & Reports
  • Convert OI into POA

Enhance collaboration & manage the entire audit life-cycle in Aura