Document Management

Document compliance ensures overall improvement are continually & consistently maintained throughout the enterprise. Documentation usually has a complex lifecycle & inefficient document control and document management processes are the greatest disadvantage to companies doing business in regulatory environments. Organisations that believes QMS as a tool that can give them a competitive edge adopts Aura QMS software to seamlessly connect all quality processes.

With aura automatically archive every document version, maintain a complete historical record for legal and auditing purposes. Gain enterprise-wide visibility into the status of policy & document management. Proactively configure security settings to control document access for individual employee, employee group, department, location and more.

Aura enables quality manuals management & facilitates compliance ISO standards. Having a centralized, secure repository makes search, and retrieval easy during inspections and audits. This electronic system increases traceability, assists automatic document revision control and helps ensure that users are able to access the right document any time. Instead of manual submission of a document change request or discussion of the change in face-to-face meetings system routes to approval authority for review & approval of polices / relevant documents.


  • Authorized user can create / update / delete documents / templates / articles.
  • Multiple levels can be managed. There is no limitation for the levels.
  • There can be n number of child articles under one parent article. Documents / Articles can be made to display in a specific pre-defined intervals
  • Articles created by a second level user will be visible to the end users only if authentication is given by the super user
  • Access to the documents can be restricted by assigning a security role with the proper access rights (common / a specific user group / individual user)
  • Audit trail – would give the details of the changes made to a particular article / document.


  • Documents are accessible to all authorized users from virtually anywhere
  • Employees always have the most updated document at their fingertips
  • Accelerates change control and review cycles
  • Reduces the risk of incomplete or incorrect change control efforts
  • Central library of standardized policy content, templates, and best practices


Organize all documents in a centralized platform with Aura