18 May 2016

Improve productivity with better Task management

Improve productivity with better Task management

Task Management – a systematic approach of monitoring, recording, assigning, prioritizing and completing a task within given TAT by every executive associated in an organization. Every assigned task will have a priority and deadline, every responsible person in this pace will have a million-dollar question:  “What are the most important tasks that I need to work today?” Sounds good, but how does it work? Prioritizing and managing tasks manually will be burdensome. In organization level how tasks can be managed? what hierarchy to be followed up to complete the assigned task on-time? Is there any solution to make effortless Task management?

Automated Task Management will be the right solution to prioritize and notify every assigned task without missing the scheduled completion dates. Rightly assigning the tasks is also a part of Quality management that to be followed up in every organization.

Best practices of Task Management

In general, every assigned task should be categorized as Urgent & Important. These can be in forms of.,

  • Very Urgent Very Important
  • Less Urgent Less Important
  • Very Urgent Less Important
  • Less Urgent Very Important

These are the four important quadrants in Task management, this analysis plays a significant role in improving business productivity. Implementation of Automated task management help organizations to achieve notable benefits than increasing productivity.

  • Proper scheduling to ensure no delays and on-time completion
  • Eliminates the need to remember all tasks and helps in making every executive productive by sending timely reminders
  • Easily identify and Quickly complete priority tasks
  • Saves time and reduce stress by being more focused and better organized towards task completion
  • Consolidated view of all open and closed tasks trend provide insights over task completion ratio.

These are the few benefits of Task management that impacts in increasing organization’s productivity.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the simplicity or complexity of a task does not make it the best solution, instead Balancing the requirements against priorities will help organizations and team to work together, which become more organized and boosts production.

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