13 Oct 2015

Internal audits to manage reputation risks

Internal audits to manage reputation risks

Audits are the significant tool across various departments, from HR to sales, marketing and management. Unlike external audits that focus on overall process factors, internal auditing focuses on the processes and procedures conducted within the organization. By identifying potential risks on early stages helps to prevent bigger issues from slipping through the cracks and causing major problems.

Internal audit helps to prevent risks from becoming a reality. Some of the ways that audits can help to reduce risks include the following:

  • Employing an executive particularly to monitor and report potential problems in every area of the organization.
  • Dedicated risk management committees to evaluating overall risk assessment across the organization.
  • Providing a clear overview of the organisational risk through trends that can be tracked and reported.
  • Spotting employee knowledge gaps, behavior gaps or training gaps may lead to quality service.
  • Improving reputation strategies to eliminate risks well in advance.

Many reputational risks occur as a result of lack of control within an organization. Such, risks can also decrease as much as they increase. Regular internal audits help to stay on top of the constantly evolving risks, and work towards maintaining a healthy reputation.

Key purpose of internal audits is to enable organizations to evaluate their process management systems, determine deficiencies, and generate cost effective and efficient solutions.

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