28 Nov 2015

Meetings go paperless with Quality Management System

Meetings go paperless with Quality Management System

Following the daily routine of sending e-mails, making phone calls and memos, frequently conducting meetings is the most effective way between people to share and exchange information, receive feedback, plan & execute tasks, collaborate and make important decisions for organizational development.

“Some studies have found that an average employee spends approximately 30% of his/her working time in meetings”. The spent in meetings, is crucial to ensure that they are well-organized, planned, and it is beneficial to the participants.

A well-organized meeting brings greater resourcefulness and understanding within an organization only if it is properly organized and conducted. Ultimate aim of meetings is to take away the discussed points for organizational development. Perfect meeting should have the right agenda and sorting down the key discussion points, preparing minutes of the meeting ,etc., But how long an executive can spend his time for preparing agenda ,minutes and documenting the same ?!!.As now we are into the advanced technology age every routine solutions has become automated. Likewise technology has reduced complexity of organizational meetings and paper works by saving papers.

Meetings greatly influences on the success of a team. In addition to the information sharing purpose, a team meeting also improves communication, strengthens interpersonal bonds and teamwork, increases team morale, satisfaction and boosts productivity. All these meeting byproducts enhance team effectiveness and success.

Key features of automated meeting management softwares,

  • Create Meeting Schedule, meeting room, Lead users & optional Users
  • Sync the meeting schedule in outlook
  • Send alert / reminder on the schedule
  • Rescheduling the meeting
  • Agenda and minutes preparation
  • Drastically reduce paperwork
  • Consistent formats and naming conventions, ensuring uniformity
  • Quick research capability
  • Control over item submission deadlines
  • Reporting options to tracks goals, budgets and other issues
  • View upcoming meeting agenda
  • View past minutes

Quality management systems for meeting management reduces paper work and gives transparency in meeting discussions, move on the automated solutions and make your meetings worthwhile and save time, To know more in detail reach us @ the best quality management solutions provider.