13 Nov 2015

Key elements for better Task Management

Key elements for better Task Management

Every day approximately we spend major time on urgent but low priority tasks and postpone the most important tasks. So the task completion ratio will be 80:20 i.e. 80% of the most important work gets completed if only you figure out that 20% of high priority tasks. Effective task management and proper task planning helps to find out the 20% of high priority tasks for efficient project management process within an organization.

Deploying automated software for Task management will make organizations to,

  • Work efficiently and reduce time
  • Stay organized
  • Meet deadlines
  • Ensure teams and individuals are being utilized in the correct ways
  • Key benefits of Using a Task Management softwares,

  • Manage and organize workloads – Helps to know what you have to do and which task have priority, by assigning and performing the task this can be executed effectively.
  • Increase efficiency – Equal segmentation of resources and time to a task minimizes the turnarounds in production cycle.
  • Improve quality of work – Quality is never sacrificed when tasks are properly organized and utilized effectively.
  • Drive cooperation – Teams work better when there is a shared understanding of what needs to be done and ideas can be easily communicated through a task management system.
  • Reduce waste of time – Eliminate time spent thinking of what to do next or reworking on the previous tasks
  • Meet deadlines – With an organized task management system team work will be more efficient and ensures to meet the assigned deadlines without delays.
  • It is essential to keep in mind that the complexity or simplicity of a task does not make it the best solution. Balancing the needs against priorities will help organizations and team to work together, which become more organized and boosts production.

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