18 February 2022

Why Pursuing Quality Culture along with Compliance is a Strategic Move

Why Pursuing Quality Culture along with Compliance is a Strategic Move

Quality and compliance are both necessary for the organization’s growth and product development, but at the same time, it’s important to know the differences. The fact is that quality and compliance simply go hand in hand. For instance, just by the following compliance doesn’t mean your products are the best quality, only by considering both internal and external factors and stakeholders involved, will you be able to produce quality products. When it results in high-quality products, compliance becomes a natural by-product of the system.

Quality Culture Fosters Compliance

The quality of your product refers to its level of functionality and its condition as perceived by the end-user or consumer; whereas compliance is related to a set of rules and regulations that is guided usually by an authority or governmental agency. We see a lot of companies and organizations miss a great opportunity when they build their quality system just to satisfy the regulatory requirements, rather than build a quality culture that will yield long-term benefits. So, pursuing a Quality Culture along with compliance is a strategic move that spells success.

The Right Quality Management System

It is essential to get the right Quality Management System (QMS) in place to keep monitoring the functioning of your business and processes, which must follow a strategy set by the management, to build a Quality Culture for the organization. Web-based QMS Software is the right platform to coordinate multiple activities that control and direct the organization towards its business objectives/goals. It also effectively supports continual improvement in the efficiency of its performance. Web-based QMS software also compliments a dynamic regulatory environment that supports legal, registration, and compliance requirements.

 Quality as a Mindset

Companies should not just focus on a compliance-only approach but must view quality culture as an important task of the quality department which has to take an approach to make it a company-wide effort. Quality teams often have the authority to inspect work and assume responsibility to correct the process across the company. Sometimes, they are viewed as a separate team which is unfair. This mindset has to be changed and the whole organization should embrace quality in everything being done and in every interaction involving all the departments across the organization.

Organizations that believe Quality Management System (QMS) software is a tool that can give them a competitive edge, can install Aura QMS software to seamlessly connect all departments and track the quality processes. An advantage of using this software is its user-friendly dashboards and customizable reports and other supportive features that help improve customer satisfaction.

The customizable dashboard for various stakeholders at different levels serves as an early detection and warning system for potential problem areas. The system offers predictive analytics to manage risks better.

AURA helps to develop a good documentation system that formalizes and tracks processes, procedures, and documents, simultaneously assigning responsibilities for achieving quality. It helps in consistently delivering quality products or services for the organization. Benefit from a modern web-based QMS software that is scalable and multi-location enabled. For more details, browse our website. Otherwise, just leave us an enquiry and we’ll contact you.