10 Dec 2018

Quality Management System Challenges In The Oil & Gas Industry

Quality Management System Challenges In The Oil & Gas Industry

Quality management system is a continuous process that involves implementation, maintenance and improvement. Over the years, the best practices and management systems have remained consistent in the oil and gas industry, but to ensure the production and delivery of high quality products, systems and solutions have to be evolved and reinvented, as far as the oil and gas (O&G) industry is concerned, the standards and heavily regulated processes are a challenge faced by the stakeholders. There is an increasing need for compliance with regulations to ensure safety, health and environmental stewardship.

Compliance Management Solution

A holistic quality management system (QMS) with a focus on compliance management is essential for companies in the O&G sector to gain insight into major processes, and identifying what works and what doesn’t.

As oil and gas suppliers are part of a critical industry, they face heavy scrutiny and regulation. Failure to deliver quality products can cause adverse impact on environment, besides affecting other related and dependent sectors of the industry.

Enterprise Quality Management Software

Enterprise quality management software (EQMS) for managing the entire process would be the solution to facilitate organisational excellence. If a good compliance management strategy is adopted, it will help prevent errors before it happens or will notify much early. This will help prevent re-doing or repeating tasks and prevent wastage. Operational efficiency is significantly related to compliance, incorporating compliance management will lead to better collaboration also.

So, this is where the EQMS system can be used to enhance quality control and streamline processes involved. To know more about compliance management for enterprises and to get details of key important features visit us at, or leave us an enquiry call.