26 Dec 2018

Effectual Audits & Corrective Actions for Potential Results

Effectual Audits & Corrective Actions for Potential Results

Audits are a critical quality management function and not just a set of checklists. Based on this audit, corrective actions have to follow. It is when both these functions work together dynamically that we get extremely good results for the organisation, based on the QMS Software platform. The two functions can be integrated seamlessly and automated too, for more efficiency. Some of the areas where the two functions work together can be seen in notifications and reminders, which are generated to see that right from the starting of an audit, the process reaches to the corrective actions stage.

Aura quality management system is a useful software for the organisation implementing processes and procedures that leads to pave ways to adherence to established quality standards. When the audit process is completed, the work is not over but actually begins with the audit findings. Acting on the corrective actions is the next step and it will help you to get to the root cause of the non-conformities. The corrective action process has action plans wherein you can assign tasks and track them to the end. Follow a systematic, efficient approach to fix the issue.

Next is to verify the fix, using the effectiveness check-up of corrective action. Doing so will tell you if an issue is actually corrected at the root cause, otherwise the team has to plan steps for more corrective actions. Aura has configurability to fit to client’s requirements, that’s specific to their business processes. The features of the quality management software allow effective control of audit schedules, help manage internal audit activities. Corrective actions enable improvements to the processes and to eliminate the causes of non-conformities that were identified.

Quality management software equips organisations to keep them competitive and help gain business benefits. Make use of Aura QMS, a web based quality management software to comply with the requirements set forth and serve the requirements of any new standard. For more information, please visit or simply leave us an enquiry.