30 Mar 2017

Significance of Document Management & Version control

Significance of Document Management & Version control

Ranking high in customer satisfaction is what every organization endeavors; this has been the major priority for many business owners. Having good customer service positively impacts every business bottom line and shows gradual progress in business benefits. To enhance customer service ways and to better serve them, proper documentation is significant.

In recent times such references to ‘documents’ & ‘records’ has now been replaced by “Documented Information” to better incorporate information. In general, every organization, tend to resist change, either in systems, process, culture or environment. Change will always tend to continue with what the organization has done and Quality Management System drive changes in process. Likewise, in Document management version control takes a vital role.

Document version can be defined as the variation within a digital asset or in other words, it denotes editing, updating or doing changes in the documents with respect to a previous version. This practice of regular updation and maintenance of documents helps to simply, choose a version of document among multiple documents which have the same purpose (and which came from one unique version). When there is no version control, those changes are permanent. Editing a document means overwriting content in a file. Once that content is overwritten, certainly there is no way to go back to recover the version created before the changes were made. Thus version controlling is significant.

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