25 Mar 2019

Tangible Ways To Make Your QMS Audits More Effective

Tangible Ways To Make Your QMS Audits More Effective

If your company intends in upgrading to ISO 9001:2015, you are on a tough job to meet the regulatory standards. Adopt a good software to systematically update your procedures, aiming to comply with the updated requirements of the new standard you wish to qualify for. Your ISO related audits could be lacking, if you are not approaching the process strategically. In this blog we present some relevant tips to improve and streamline your audits by using a good web-based QMS software.

Follow below steps in QMS software to make audits effective:

  • Automate your system’s scheduling to easily coordinate those schedules placed with internal and external parties and stay fixed with your audit plan.
  • Gather as much data you can, as no info should be missed and all collected well ahead of the audits with your software.
  • An integrated system holds all your audit checklists centrally, accessible during an audit or download before the audit. Subsequently, your QMS has to automatically sync with the data from findings.
  • Auditors aim to dig deep into the noncompliance issues and take proper action for improvements/corrections.
  • Look if the documents reflect the realities at work, as those who create the instruction document are actually not executing the process. Not following document procedures is a common audit finding.
  • You need to amass more data by performing more audits. Capture it on the go, using mobile devices. to help make more informed decisions.
  • List high-risk findings, as you audit, to derive a metric for identifying critical noncompliance.
  • Automate, follow-up and sync results from all sources/reports, using your QMS as it will help quicken your audit exercise.
  • Launch corrective actions based on the audit records and track them with your system.
  • Distribute automatically relevant documents to all stakeholders (internal and external) involved when the audit is completed with help of the publishing modules.

When your review the audit, all reports must remove ambiguity and confusion if it is gathered with the help of audit management and document management of the QMS audit software. When conducting the next audit keep track of corrective action plan completion and even review open actions. Submit audits for approval.

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