31 July 2015

Top tips for Quality Audit management

Top tips for Quality Audit management

Many organizations today started to observe the real values in investing audit management softwares, especially when it comes to streamline auditing process.

Effective internal audit management solution softwares have become the significant tool for managing team efforts and find, resolve the sources of wasted efforts which can provide cost-effective solutions to organizations.

When internal audits become routine, it’s will be given much importance to take steps that ensures the audit program remains effective and relevant as the organizations management system matures.

Here are some tips to keep in mind for having effective audits:

  • Strong attention:  It is essential that auditors should note and document every single report as these can help to analyze and reconstruct events or situations in future.
  • Attitude:  Auditors attitude should always be friendly and engaging as this approach brings higher engagement and makes the employees feel free during audits.
  • Checklists:  Checklists should be concise, clear and supportive of numerical values and ratings that balance and verify reporting.
  • Reports:  Companies must report growth and challenges across all departments as reports are essential to assess CAPA and helps to provide training when it is needed for measuring quality goals.
  • Metrics:  While looking ahead and considering current situations, looking back at past audit results is equally important. With this metrics past audit issues can be reviewed to see that they have been corrected and closed.

Benefits of Audit management system:

  • Provides a consistent, risk-based approach to internal audits across the enterprise
  • Enhance productivity, efficiency and enable better utilization of resources
  • Lower audit costs by replacing manual processes with a streamlined and automated approach
  • Timely status and progress upgradation of audit activities across business units

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