26 Apr 2017

Total Quality Management for Business Success

Total Quality Management for Business Success

An effective QMS will always focus on developing and communicating a customer-focused mission in a systematic way, with pre-defined strategies and action plans. In the process of providing effective and high quality solutions, Quality management will be the majorly considered aspect in every thought process. Adopting such an enterprise-wide management solution will enhance quality which has been strategically implemented into an organization’s culture over time. If QMS is fully implemented into company culture it will bring value through better business practices.

Total Quality Management
is a philosophy that articulates unvarying commitment to quality in all fields of an organization and promotes an organizational culture to meet consumers’ perceptions of quality” With implementation of TQM; organizations lead to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and foster team work and provide better visibility to retain greater customer loyalty, global markets and wider brand reach, etc., TQM integrates quality principles into the organizations culture and activities. TQM is broadly based on the following principles:

  • Customer-focus – Customers are the only decisive persons to determine the quality of every product /services. Many organizations today depend on their customers to know their current and future needs, this is significantly to meet their requirements and to exceed expectations.
  • Leadership – leaders will lead the internal environment of the organization and they are responsible to create the environment in which people can become fully involved in achieving organization’s objective.
  • Involvement & process approach – people are the core of any organization and their involvement towards quality enable their abilities to be used for the organization’s benefit. Desired result will be achieved more efficiently when related resources and their activities are managed as a process.
  • Continual improvement & decision making – Continual improvement is the permanent quality objective of an organization and effective decision making will be based on the logical and intuitive analysis of data and information.

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