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Audit management system for food processing industry

Audit management system for food processing industry


Client belongs to Food processing industry, with their years of experience they manufacture packed foods and aerated drinks. They mainly focus on producing confectionery, soya-based products, high protein foods, soft drinks, ready-to-eat, ready-to-cook bakery products and exports them to various locations across the country.

Business Requirement

Client wants us to propose a solution to effectively handle their Complete Audit operations with extensive reports as core module along with Tasks & Meeting management as value added features.

Solution offered

  • Client was provided with AURA QMS software that combines diverse internal processes in every facet of food processing operation & automates key quality management tasks such as Assessment management & Audit management that drive continuous improvement and ultimately lead to improved business performance.
  • Our comprehensive Quality management system facilitated client’s business to avoid gaps in compliance; expose ineffective controls and help improvements in process requirements that lead to customer satisfaction and new initiatives

Audit Management module in Aura is provided with below given features

Many of the client’s food products, repeatedly cross national boundaries. International Standards are significant for them to ensure quality and safety of their global food supply chain. Aura Quality management software will help organization regardless of its size or position to maintain their ISO standards & Audit related activities in an effective manner.

Aura for food processing industry facilitated to track all audit-related tasks and activities. Our automated audit management system dramatically reduce the time and effort involved in Scheduling, Publishing, Pre Audit activities & Post Audit Activities.

  • Aura provides pre-defined audit checklists for managing executives to manage multiple audit checklists, record findings and observations; supports multiple simultaneous audit tasks, collaborative reviews, fieldwork approvals, and audit status tracking.
  • Routes internal audit findings to the appropriate managers for review and subsequent actions; triggers systematic investigation and corrective action for audit issues using empowered dash board. Provides real-time visibility into audit processes, history, and findings with graphical representation.
  • Simplifies Auditor’s Job, facilitates to remind respective Auditee and Auditor about today’s scheduled audit, Pre & Post audit activities as task.
  • Based on the Audit Observation report, system creates Major NC, Minor NC as tasks for auditee to take next steps on the NCs. Auditee can do and upload the Correction, Root cause & Corrective action document. Auditor can do effectiveness review and close the audit cycle.
  • It is very difficult, tedious & time consuming to generate accurate and timely reports and trends using spreadsheets and documents. Using AURA product Management / Managers can see the big picture of their audit outcome with trend in graphical representation.


  • Document / Data decentralization – Online document Management system. Executives who are in need of a document / template need not wait for anyone
  • Efficient Event / Schedule Management – Time spent for communicating the audit plans, reports & tracking the status can be reduced
  • Record Valid OIs for Process Improvements & New Initiatives Implementation
  • Effective task management supports to keep reminding of to-do tasks. Also facilitate to track the task completion trend.