Case Studies

QMS for a leading Machinery Manufacturer

QMS for a leading Machinery Manufacturer


Client is one of the leading machinery manufacturing sub-sectors concentrating to create end products that apply mechanical force, for example, gears and levers, to perform work. Some important process that client dealing with machinery are forging, stamping, bending, forming, and machining that is used to shape individual pieces of metal.

Business Requirement

Client’s requirement was the proposed solution should be able to effectively handle Assessments and complete Internal Audit Activities tracking with reports.

Solution offered

  • AURA -web based QMS software has been provided to client, to meet their system requirements and enables to streamline the quality processes
  • Reduces labor-intensive works in quality management related tasks
  • Aura’s Assessment management feature helps client to create Assessments with respect to Standards (such as ISO 9001 :2008, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001) to measure process compliance
  • Using this Assessment, the Authorized user can create & manage the clauses in a much easier way. The system provides the default clauses as reference to end users
  • Authorized user will be facilitated with the option to select the required standard which provides the default clauses in an easy manner.
  • The system provides the Clause reference number in the Audit Checklist
  • Aura provides the flexibility to create and manage Multiple Audit checklists for various types of Audits (Project Audit, Product Audit & Department Audit).
  • Using the system Auditors can provide their Observations & track observations as Major NC, Minor NC & OI.
  • Using Audit report the user can track NCs & OIs Trend in a much easier way.


  • Meet process compliance requirements
  • Drive continual improvement
  • Increased process efficiencies
  • Effective task management
  • Improved traceability