Case Studies

Quality Management Solutions for a leading Healthcare industry

Quality Management Solutions for a leading Healthcare industry


Client is one of the leading Healthcare industries, engaged in providing hospitality services for consumers more than a decade.

Business Requirement

Client’s requirement – The proposed solution should be able to effectively handle and manage their Documents as core module, along with value added features as Tasks Management & Schedule Management (Meetings and Trainings Management).

Solution offered

  • Client has been provided with AURA -web based QMS software that helps organizations to effectively monitor and manage their regulatory compliance activities. AURA brings organizations-specific quality management system requirements and enables client to streamline their quality processes.
  • AURA’s Article / Document Management System enables authorized user to create update & publish documents / templates / articles effortlessly. Access to the documents will be restricted by assigning a security role with the proper access rights (common / a specific user group) with workflow Management.
  • Aura facilitates to create & assign the tasks to sub ordinates. While assigning, Task Source, Task Category, Task Priority, Task EDC & required Man hours can also be updated.
  • This facilitates the Authorized user to know & track the tasks in an effective manner. Tasks can be either associated with Meetings, Trainings, Audit tasks & Article tasks and it will be displayed in the individual user calendar view for better planning and task completion.
  • Aura provides the facility to plan meetings seamlessly& schedule them with an option for reminders, Create & Manage Meeting Schedule, Meeting room, Lead users & Optional Users.
  • Facilitates the Admin/Privileged user to create n number of schedules with reschedule option if required. Displays the upcoming schedules in the end users login. Agenda and minutes can also be created


  • Powerful dashboard to monitor and track tasks
  • Document / Data decentralization
  • Effective task management
  • Make changes to the system seamlessly
  • Improved traceability