Case Studies

QMS for a leading IT solution provider

QMS for a leading IT solution provider


Client is a leading data telecom and IT service provider offering quality and reliable technology solutions to their customers.

Business Requirement

Client’s requirement was the proposed solution should be able to effectively manage their document management needs with key quality management tasks as value added features.

Solution offered

To meet clients’ proposed requirement, they were provided with Aura Quality management software

AURA is web – based QMS software that brings organizations-specific quality management system requirements and enables to streamline the quality processes. Implementation of AURA will assist to maintain the highest level of quality management system.

Aura facilitates the Authorized user to create & mange Documents / Templates / Articles in a user-friendly manner. This comes with complete workflow (Posted, Forwarded, and Approved).If the user posts any document / template / article, system automatically creates that as Task and displays in Dash board. If authorized user forward / approve any document the same will be displayed in dash board as notification.

Aura provides the flexibility to create & schedule the meetings and assign the Lead users & optional users in a flexible manner. The system facilitates rescheduling option to the authorized users.

In Addition to the above AURA provides Assessment Management, Task Management & Dash Board modules to meet extensive Quality Management requirement.


  • Manage documents/templates/articles from one console
  • Document Data decentralization to improve the traceability
  • Increased Process Efficiencies
  • Powerful Dashboard enable users to be aware and track tasks effectively
  • Automates complete internal audit activities leads to increased process efficiencies