Case Studies

Quality and Audit Management solution for a steel manufacturing company

Quality and Audit Management solution for a steel manufacturing company


Client is one of the Leading Engineering Company experts in Steel fabrication works as a full service industrial contractor specializing in the design, fabrication, construction, and testing of field welded steel.

Business Requirement

Client’s core requirement was the proposed solution should be able to effectively handle Complete Internal Audit Activities & QMS users should track, Monitor Overall NCs improve the Compliance standards. Also the system should be able to support for Implementing the Client Satisfaction, Cost Reduction & Process Improvement OIs.

Solution offered

Client was provided with Aura QMS; our Quality solution facilitates Audit Management which simplifies the entire Audit Actives into 3 Major areas 1. Audit Scheduling & Publishing, 2. Pre Audit Activities, 3. Post Audit Activities.

  • In Aura QMS user will be able to configure the Auditors User Group, Supporting Auditors user group & CAR Auditor user group along with Pre Audit & Post Audit Activities, Based On this set Applicable configuration system works accordingly.
  • Aura facilitates the QMS user to create Process based parameter checklist & then multiple process wise parameter to Audit checklist mapping in a user friendly manner, similarly QMS user can create multiple Audit Check lists for various departments.
  • Aura provides the Internal Audit Report which gives the Overall status of NCs (Major NCs, Minor NCs), OIs with various filtering options of departments wise, Section wise, Executive wise. It gives the clear picture on where the NC raises with the appropriate next steps as RootCause & Corrective Action with POAs.
  • Facilitates Authorized user to Validate the OIs as Valid & Invalid with remarks. Valid OIs will be converted into POAs as Tasks with the category of Client Satisfaction, Cost Reduction & Process Improvement OIs. Further this POAs can be assigned to Responsible executives & QMS users can track the status of those OIs whenever required.

hence AURA automates the Complete Audit Activities with Task management in an easy way.


  • Provides Complete Audit Management to avoid gaps in compliance, expose ineffective controls
  • Facilitates improvements in process requirements that lead customer satisfaction and new improvement initiatives
  • Reduces manual work & Saves lot of time
  • Increased Visibility of Audit Task status by Various filtering with respect Audit Status & NC Status.