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Audit & Document Management system for an E-commerce solution provider

Audit & Document Management system for an E-commerce solution provider


Client is one of the Leading E-Commerce Business Store which has huge products coverage, this is their unique selling point.

Business Requirement

Client’s core requirement was the proposed solution, that should be able to effectively handle Comprehensive Audit &

Document management Solutions

for their ecommerce business. Also the system should be able to effectively import the existing Audit Checklist around 100 no’s. Proposed System should be able to handle Multiple level of Workflows with Document Version handling?

Solution offered

  • Client was provided with AURA QMS that facilitates Import option, where authorized users can create various Audit Checklists against various process in an easy manner which saves considerable time in the data entry & Saves time in Monthly Recurring tasks.
  • Auditor can share their Audit Observations as Conformities(O+), Non Conformities (O-) & Improvements (Oi) against Audit checklists, identified Non-Conformities will be moved to Post Audit tasks automatically, Auditee can update the necessary Correction, Root Cause & Corrective Actions.
  • System provides Auditor / Authorized user to do the effectiveness review of the Corrective Action POAs.
  • Aura facilitates the authorized users to configure the 1st level & 2nd level approval authorities as default for different document categories. If the Client needs multiple level more than 2 that is also possible.
  • Documents can be uploaded in various supporting formats such as Word, Excel, PDF, jpg, Tiff, bmp with document versions.
  • System provided the version handling facility to ease users
  • In addition to the above module Empowered Calendar view facilitates the individual users to view & track Daily, Weekly & Monthly Audit tasks, Article tasks, Meetings & Trainings in an effective manner.


  • Comprehensive Audit Management Systems for complete audit activities
  • Effective Document management system with Approval workflow for better information tracking
  • Process based approach to improve Effectiveness
  • Reduces the manual work & Saves lot of time
  • Increased Visibility of Task status by Various filtering with respect to Audits & Documents