Case Studies

Quality management solutions for knit wear exporters

Quality management solutions for knit wear exporters


The client is one of India’s leading knit wear exporters employing well over 1,000 people. Client supplies the finest quality of knitted and woven garments worldwide and has a high production rate.

Business Requirement

The client’s requirement was to encompass quality management software to manage their assessment, internal audits, schedule & re-schedule meetings & trainings in an effective way.

Solution offered

  • AURA’s Specialized ASSESSMENT MANAGEMENT feature facilitates the user to promptly measure Process compliance & improvements against Standards (ISO 9001; 2008, ISO 27001 etc.).
  • Aura provided facility to create & manage various Clauses, Processes under respective assessment (Ex: ISO 9001:2008).
  • Multiple Audit Checklists can be created against various types of assessments and enables to configure Audit Workflow and Observation types against respective assessment.
  • AURA’s Efficient INTERNAL AUDIT MANAGEMENT Solution provides Comprehensive Internal Audit Management which covers Audit Scheduling, Audit Publishing, Pre Audit Activities & Post Audit Activities in real time.
  • Generate chart such as Multiple Audit Checklist creation, Audit report submission, Correction, Root cause Analysis, Corrective Action, Effectiveness review, Audit closure and Audit Summary.
  • AURA’s Effective SCHEDULE MANAGEMENT helps to Plan, Schedule & Reschedule, and Meetings & Trainings with reminders.
  • Facilitates Admin/Privileged user to create n number of schedules & planned meetings can be rescheduled.
  • Agenda and minutes of meetings can also be created with this feature.


  • Track & adhere to regulatory requirements
  • Drive continual Improvement
  • Increased process efficiencies
  • Document / Data decentralization
  • Effective task management