Case Studies

Quality management solutions for a leading Automobile parts manufacturing Industry

Quality management solutions for a leading Automobile parts manufacturing Industry


Client is one of the leading Automobile parts manufacturing Industry

Business Requirement

Client’s requirement was the proposed solution should be able to effectively handle monitor and manage their regulatory compliance activities, key quality management tasks with value added features.

Solution offered

  • Client was provided with AURA web- based QMS software that combines diverse internal processes in every facet of the organization’s operation & automates key quality management tasks.
  • With Aura’s Assessment Management module the Authorized user can create & manage various tasks under respective assessment (ISO 9001:2008).It provides the facility to create Custom Specific Processes for the authorized user.
  • Based on the defined processes Aura gives flexibility to create multiple audit checklists. Authorized User can map respective process with respective checklists. This makes the system to create predefined appropriate checklists for each department in a user friendly manner.
  • The System gives flexibility to share the Observations (Conformity [O+], Non-Conformity [NC], Opportunity for Improvement [Oi] with the notations in the Audit finding report. In addition to that Authorized user will be able to configure the TAT for all Post Audit Actvities such as Correction, Root Cause Analysis, and Corrective Action & Effectiveness review.
  • Aura facilitates Complete OI validation process as a value added feature. Audit’s value outcome is Oi. Provides the flexibility to validate Ois (Valid & Invalid). If the Oi is valid then this valid Oi will become POA and it should be assigned to responsible person to complete it & measure the benefits. If the Oi is Invalid proper remarks can be updated in the system.
  • In Addition to the above AURA provides Meetings Management, Training Management & Tasks Management modules to meet extensive Quality Management software requirement needs.


  • Meet Regulatory Compliance Requirements
  • Increased Process Efficiencies
  • Real time Quality performance statistics
  • Reduction in costs of correcting defects in existing
  • Process by suggesting and Implementing value added Ois