Aura for complete business quality needs

Aura for complete business quality needs

23 Aug 2017

Audit Firms looking for one solution to handle various business needs such as for Comprehensive Audit management, Assessment management to handle Various Assessments & Standards, Centralized Document Management & Additional modules as value Added features for your end Clients?

Aura provides real-time web-based Quality management software solutions, and focus on strategies that provide visibility and control into compliance. We always want to make sure that you have a solution that enables to manage processes related to compliance, and be able to report and improve, based on the data.

AURA Product is the best find for the below business needs 

  • Assessment Management – Easily and promptly measure your process compliance & improvements against Standards (ISO 9001; 2015, ISO 27001 etc.)
  • Audit Management – Comprehensive Audit Management System to Effectively Schedule, Publish & Track complete Internal and External Audit Activities.
  • Centralised Document Management System – Facilitates to create, update & publish documents / templates / articles for better information tracking.
  • With the additional features of Empowered Dashboard & Tasks management

Aura Product combines diverse internal processes in every facet of the organization’s operation & automates key quality management tasks. To know more in detail visit or Leave us an enquiry