AURA covers complete Document management requirements

AURA covers complete Document management requirements

30 June 2015

An effective and compliant quality management system will be able to sort out deviations and other irrelevancies which are being recorded and assessed for organizational development.

Now in this automated age, everyone seeks for appropriate solution to get their work done simply, automatically and also that should be cost-effective, time saving.

Key challenge for many organizations /business owners was to get rid of paper based processes and to document every exertion for future reference. Disconnected databases or modules in any system will not be processed efficiently and leads to maintain stagnated deviations due to lacking of proper documentation. These consume organizational time, as well as money, by interrupting production and distracting resources.

To manage and maintain complete Documentation process within an organization, Aura QMS will be the right choice, as AURA covers complete Document management requirements. Aura’s Article/document system simplifies the management of important processes, ensures that they are updated and relevant. Our advanced encryption technology protects the integrity of organization’s documents and information.

Key highlights of Aura document management

  • Online folder creation and uploading documents
  • Strict version control to view the latest version
  • Flexible document approval and prior workflow
  • Role based document assessment
  • Easy document tracking control and change history
  • Archiving document versions

Keep everything updated and make sure Document control processes were followed in order to assist in having an effective ISO Quality Management System.

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