Aura provides complete Post Audit Life Cycle management

Aura provides complete Post Audit Life Cycle management

23 July 2015

AURA powerful web-based QMS software offers unique model for integrating quality systems to achieve enterprise-wide performance. Assists every organization to become more competitive and profitable instead of being built around the specific characteristics, Aura’s interactive QMS solutions were designed to meet the needs of complex business processes.

Audits in organization helps to monitor processes, identify gaps, and stimulate companies to improve quality upto standards. Audit management system has become significant for the efficient workflow management, tracking observations and resulting corrective actions for process betterment.

Aura the most preferred QMS software suitable for Audit management provides complete Post Audit Life Cycle management with Audit Scheduling & Audit publishing activities

Aura’s Post Audit lifecycle management covers below features

  • Audit Observation Report generation – Auditor can choose appropriate audit checklist & Capture Audit Findings in a user friendly manner
  • Audit Report Submission – Auditor can submit observation report & mention the observation  as Conformity & Non conformities ( NCs) & opportunity for Improvements (Ois)
  • Correction, Root causes Analysis –facilitates Auditee to do the Correction & Root cause Analysis.
  • Corrective Action Report (CAR) generation – Auditee can update the Corrective Action report.
  • Effectiveness Review & Audit cycle closure – Auditor can review the  effectiveness of Corrective Action taken & Close the Audit life cycle
  • Audit Summary & Reports – Tracking of NCs & OIs – Project wise & Department wise
  • Convert Oi into POA – Validation of OIs & Valid OIs can be considered as POAs and next steps.

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