Aura QMS for Business process standardization

Aura QMS for Business process standardization

23 Dec 2017

AURA-the best web based QMS solution with many value added features portrays a clear picture of the organizations quality solutions, internal audit management in Aura has been implemented and explored in a way to provide systematic approach for continual monitoring process of organizations Quality Management System (QMS). The output from internal auditing is crucial for the development of the QMS – identification of system ineffectiveness, corrective action and ultimately continual improvement in organizations process.

AURA Product covers features that are required by every client with expected functionality like Assessment & Audit Management. In addition to that we offer few functionalities such as Tasks Management, with Tasks management user can Assign the task to any users, During the task assignment the user can get the notification mail. Assigning the task covers Task priority, EDC, Task Source etc.  Aura’s Meeting management can facilitate the Authorized user to upload the Meeting minutes as an option to track the Plan of action points as well.

Reach us now, the flexibility inherent in the design of Aura enables organizations to effectively Schedule; Publish & Track complete Internal Audit Activities.

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