Audit automation processes made easy with Aura

Audit automation processes made easy with Aura

21 May 2018

Auditing in every business ensures that you are running an efficient operation, that everything is being handled in the way it’s supposed to meet ISO quality standards, and it is an essential part of continual improvement and quality management. Automating audit also showcases a method for determining the need for change.

Aura Comprehensive Quality management solution provides Assessment Management & Audit Management module for Audit Scheduling, Monitoring Pre Audit Activities, NC management, Root cause Analysis & Corrective Action with Complete Audit report status etc., also our automated reporting feature would give the list of Project Audit, Product Audit & Department Audit Current Status and next steps.

Tasks associated with PreAudit activities & Post Audit activities can be managed with Aura. This clearly gives a report of Auditee & Auditor for planned actions with respect to Audit closure. In addition to that Risk Management & Escalation Matrix supports in Effective implementation of Corrective Action.

All these beneficial features together in Aura provide businesses an opportunity to streamline their auditing processes and effective implementation of corrective action. To know more in detail visit Aura , the complete Quality management solution provider or leave us an Enquiry.