Automated Audit Checklist creation with Aura QMS

Automated Audit Checklist creation with Aura QMS

15 Oct 2015

In recent days Audits have become a mix of automated steps, manual linkages, and auditor judgment which improves the quality of evidence and strengthens the assurance function. Checklists in audits are a set of criteria questions to be used either as a reference or as a scoring mechanism during an audit; it can be associated with any audit type. These checklist acts as a template with audit-specific information when an auditor retrieves the checklist from the Audit Workspace.

Aura provides real-time web-based Quality management software solutions, and focus on strategies that provide visibility and control into compliance. We always want to make sure that you have a solution enables to manage processes related to compliance, and be able to report and improve, based on the data. Aura the next level quality management software to enhance the process of auditing, have now automated Audit checklist creation with below given key features.,

  • Facilitates the provision to create ‘n’ number of processes based on the QMS need
  • Authorized user can create parameters against each process
  • Provides flexibility in creating Audit Checklist by selecting the process to be audited by their own & the system creates the respective parameters as Audit Checklist
  • Facility to create different audit checklists ( Project Audit, Product Audit & Department Audit ) with clone option
  • Enables the Authorized user to select the already created Audit checklist  during Audit scheduling

Aura assists auditors by improving transparency in the audit management system and provides configurable controls between the auditor and data. By shifting to Aura QMS, auditors and organizations will be freed from dependence on disparate data systems and repeated requests for checklists. Get to know more feel free to reach us @