Automation of Complete Audit Management system

Automation of Complete Audit Management system

18 May 2016

Audit management software in an organization gives the flexibility to manage and support all types of audits, including internal audits, IT audits, operational audits and quality audits. Automated Audit management software will provide end-to-end functionalities for managing the complete audit lifecycle starting from Audit scheduling to managing pre and post Audit activities. Effective audits will be a strong foundation for maintaining quality and compliance throughout the organization.

But developing an efficient and effective audit management system will be challenging. It’s also difficult to generate accurate, timely reports and trends using spreadsheets / paper documents. Without an effective audit reporting tool, Conducting Audit & Tracking of Audit NCs is tedious. Aura Quality management software offers exclusive solutions to manage Audit related activities.

With our Automated solutions.,

  • Authorized user can select unlimited no of audit checklists for each organization specific audit category (Project Audit, Product Audit, Department Audit) in Audit process.
  • During Audit program, Auditor can view the respective checklist & share their Observations as Conformities (O+), Non Conformities (Major NC, Minor NC) & Opportunity for Improvements (OI) in the system itself.
  • Post Audit Activities module automates the Correction, Root cause update & Corrective Action.
  • System creates these activities as Task & POA to respective auditee, based on the closure of these POAs effectiveness review of Audit can be verified with Auditor.

Audit management system gives organization the flexibility to improve quality, reduce costs and identify operational and compliance risks by managing successful audit lifecycle in the field. To automate your Audit management needs, make the best use of Aura. To know more in detail Contact, us.