Aura QMS for Centralized Document Management

Aura QMS for Centralized Document Management

25 Apr 2016

Every business today need to manage and maintain multiple documents as a part of quality management. Automated Document Management Systems provide organizations the ability to convert, store and share diverse digital documents within a centralized network.

To achieve sustainable compliance, organizations have to transform their approach to Automated document control. AURA quality management solutionenables managing organization’s complete document management needs, offers comprehensive centralized document management solution vital to compliance with ISO standards. Aura document management featureleads to manage numerous documents for efficient business processes and improved record maintenance with below given features.,

  • Saves all organization’s Documents /Templates/Records in a secure manner. Authorized user will be able to upload Department wise / Section wise relevant document categories & documents with Approval workflow
  • Reduces time, effort and costs compared to manual / paper-based document management system
  • Simplified document changes, review, approval of polices and relevant documents
  • Authorized user will be able to publish the Documents /Templates/Records within the configured display period
  • Enables the end users to easily access, read, and download the latest documents / templates / records effortlessly
  • End users will be able to search and link documents stored in a document management system in an easy manner

Implementing Aura document management system not only delivers the benefits that come with going paperless, but it can improve business’s workflow processes,increase employee productivity and further enhance document security. Aura is fully loaded with Quality management features what you’re looking for. So no more delays Leave us an enquiry or Contact us to implement Aura QMS.