Powerful and Flexible Quality Management System for Regulated Companies

Powerful and Flexible Quality Management System for Regulated Companies

18 Feb 2020

There is much to consider when choosing the right QMS for your organization. Each QMS is different from the next, which makes you ask the question, which one will provide the most value and prove to be truly effective? To answer this, learn about some of the best practices of an effective QMS that should be built into the system to ensure a successful business.

Any process in a manufacturing or service business follow procedures and related documentation that has evolved over the years into the Quality Management System that uniquely addresses the problems and opportunities emerging out of the industry, or sector, the company is operating in.

Since our AURA QMS software can be integrated to your existing quality system, or ERP, we felt that it is our responsibility to share our best practices associated to manage the web-based QMS System. All you have to do is to follow the steps described below to ease your job and you will have no pressure of Audits, DCR, Corrective Actions, etc.

  • Configure clearly the organisation structure – Have a clear plan of the structure of your organisation and map all relevant data to them.
  • Create a Checklist – Add the parameters in your process and map processes to a checklist and this will leverage the option to use different categories of parameters for a single checklist.
  • Create an Audit – Each field in the audit creation form has to be filled with appropriate information. This will form the core of upcoming modules and processes.
  • Audit Observation – During the audit, as an auditor, you should clearly highlight your observation with the categories like OI, Minor NC, Major NC, etc.
  • Update Expected Date of Completion [EDC] – If you can’t complete a task in the specified EDC, do not fail to update your revised date, to complete the same tasks
  • User Privileges – Provide privileges for each user in role section. You can add individual users or the complete department as users.

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