Root Cause Analysis with Automated QMS

Root Cause Analysis with Automated QMS

21 Sep 2016

RootCause analysis is about very specifically determining the when, where and why of a problem at its source, before it ripples out to affect the end-user second time. This RootCause analysis is a deductive problem solving methodology in almost every industry, from book publishing to aeronautical engineering. This analysis will be useful in the arena of Quality management, where complex systems of cause-and-effect build relationships.

AURA web-based QMS software helps organizations to effectively monitor and manage an organizations audit activities and facilitates authorized user to identify the appropriate Root cause for Non conformities in a systematic approach which leads to reduction of failures and in turn maintain quality standards at higher level with consistency.

Below is the step by step procedure followed in Aura QMS for Analyzing RootCause for non-conformities.

  • Step 1: Issue / Problem description – (Clearly breakdown the issues one by one & mention it below to find the Root causes considering the impact)
  • Step 2: Reason (Clearly state the reason for each issue)
  • Step 3: List all the Possible Causes with the Inclusion of Cross Functional Team then do the Why, Why Analysis, for each Reasons there should be one Root cause
  • Step 4: RootCause analysis is determining what really caused the problem and not the lesser symptoms that were displayed. Typically, after a problem has occurred, if one employs the 5 Why’s (asking the question why as many as 5 times) one should effectively get to a point where there are no more excuses or reasons for why the failure occurred, hence the final one is root cause.
  • Step 5: One deviation / Nonconformance can have multiple Root causes
  • System helps the Auditee to update the appropriate Root causes for Non Conformances & Validate those Root causes by Auditors as well.
  • QMS user can track the overall Root Cause Analysis status for all the Non conformances in an easy manner.

Automate your audit activities with Aura root cause analysis, now you will be able to apply the appropriate technique to address a specific problem. Contact us to learn more about how you can solve and prevent quality assurance (QA) issues with root cause analysis (RCA), for more details visit