AURA Facilitates to avoid Audit Non Conformities

AURA Facilitates to avoid Audit Non Conformities

23 Aug 2016

Today, organizations are taking more active role in focusing on quality. Among the essential elements of a well-established Quality Management System (QMS), Audit non-conformance management or deviation handling plays a key role in business quality management and continuous improvement.

A non-conformance in a process adoption indicates a problem that should be addressed with corrective action. Also non-conformance is a sign that, if something went wrong in your process, product, service or in the system itself by not meeting the desired specifications, all these can be identified via internal audits and external audits.

AURA industry leading QMS software provider facilitates to capture process deviations and easily record the Corrections, Corrective actions taken for Non conformities.  This systematic approach leads to reduction in failures which in turn facilitates maintain quality standards in higher level with consistency. Here the authorized user can define the Problem / Nonconformities with the Impact details such as Business Impact due to Non Conformance, Internal impact, Technical Impact, Resourcing Impact etc.,

Following are the activities to manage Non-conformities:

  • Correction should clearly indicate about planned solution for Resolving the issue / Nonconformance mentioned
  • Correction can be updated against each Nonconformities / Issues
  • Considering the impact severity, the respective stake holder can raise the correction
  • The System should have the defined TAT for the mentioned correction
  • Correction Effectiveness Review can be done by the CAR Auditor which is configurable. The System Should verify the Correction Actual completion status through POA completion.
  • System helps the Auditor & Auditee to update the Correction, Completion & In progress status
  • QMS user can track the overall correction status for all the Non conformances in an easy manner.

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