24 Apr 2015

5 Best Innovations in Quality Management Software

5 Best Innovations in Quality Management Software

Many business systems today have become web-based, and all processes have been integrated at some level with many types of software.  But to be in concern few industries are still catching up, simultaneously most of the enterprise systems have started to come into their own.

In case of Quality Management Software (QMS), every business owners endeavor to have the top level encompassing Enterprise Software, to drill down and get a clear idea of Compliance, Assessment, Audit and Meetings.  The best Quality Management solution will be adaptable throughout the organization.  Quality now has become predominant as everyone knows that Poor Quality affects consumer demand, unit cost, and increases risk.

Quality Management Systems have come a long way; there has been many new value added features and so many updated modules .Lets just take a quick look at the top 5 best innovations in Quality Management Software which paves a way to head in delivering quality solutions.

  • Workflow flexibility:  This flexibility is to not only adapt an accurate quality management solution, but to pave a way for every automated business process.  Flexibility in workflow enables organizations to literally “direct” the path that the process follows; and insists business processes to move records through various phases of the process. Flexible and intuitive systems are mainly designed with the business user in mind, and build out the workflow rules to govern the business process.
  • Customized Configuration:  Customizing configurations doesn’t mean to re-write any code and make changes to the software; the changes will be only made through settings and rules.  This is to make the business easy and to best suit the recurring requirements by bringing standardized quality solutions.
  • Process centric approach:  This is to enable all applications within the pre defined Quality Management System adheres to the best practices for each process.  Every process initiated and to be followed in the organization will focused to achieve the overall quality solutions with necessary modules, to deploy best practices in a single discipline, such as Audits, Document Control, and Training etc., Quality management solution provides the process centric approach to manage and control overall organizations quality.
  • Risk-Based functionalities:  Quality Management Systems have become more advanced with deeper workflow, intelligence, better best practices and greater visibility to all enhanced the level of data in the system.  For the past few years’ software organizations were implementing risk filters to help companies pull out the critical issues but now QMS has brought forth a new way of Quality, and is continuing to evolve today.
  • Easy Integration:  Quality is what everyone endeavors for; Quality Management Systems provide clear visibility to every process typically integrated within the working environment.  Having more corporate visibility into Quality will enable improvisation in other areas of the organization


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