26 Mar 2015

Need for quality management in organizations

Need for quality management in organizations

In today’s high competitive business environment, many organizations were thinking forward and are more committed than ever to continually refine their procedures and processes to improve their functions and services. In every organization, both management and the general workforce tend to adapt changes, whether it might be in culture, environment or systems. That is natural – people are usually happy to continue with some budding changes.

Recently there has been a noticeable change in every organization, brought about by the introduction of a quality management system (QMS). Organizations exploit these solutions will find that they become effective and competitive in markets where customers can afford trouble-free products and services. Implementation of a quality management system (QMS) is perhaps the best way to fulfill organizations commitment.

A robust quality management system provides organizations with the opportunity to increase competitive position by focusing improvement on operational areas; this in turn increases efficiency, streamlines operations, and enables organizations to adapt high quality process and affords to deliver effective services.

Many times organizations embark on methodologies like Six Sigma or others to solve problems without realizing that these methodologies center on process improvement. For any methodology to be successful, it is important to have a Quality management system to measure and manage process. This helps to determinate defects and provides better control for sustaining outstanding performance.

Basically quality management system works on the following eight key principles:

  • Strong leadership
  • Involvement of people
  • Process approach
  • System approach
  • Continuous improvement
  • Customer focus
  • Decision making based on facts
  • Creating value for the company, its clients and its suppliers

To conclude, quality management system not only provides a structure and framework to perform process it also ensures the rigor of an audit mechanism that enforces corrective action. Continuous improvement happens within all processes in the organizations in a systematic manner.

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