28 June 2022

Benefits of Using Quality Management Software in Food Industry

Benefits of Using Quality Management Software in Food Industry

In the food and beverage industry, quality and safety are considered to be more important as the delivered goods are consumed by the people directly. Food industries also maintain many supply chain processes to deliver goods to end consumers. Neglecting quality check in any single phase of the supply chain can lead to huge harm to consumers’ health and also ruins the brand name.  So maintaining quality is essential for any food and beverage industry. This can be attained by using Quality management software for the food industry.

AURA quality management software for the food industry helps to control quality management by supporting ISO standards and other regulations. It supports quality standard monitoring and streamlines quality control processes to attain international standards and high return on investment for companies. AURA is a centralized web-based platform that helps to track any type of document supporting audit trail and version control and can be used for both external and internal audits. Using AURA quality software enhances the product development process with quality assurance and also increases team collaboration between departments.

Here are the Benefits of using AURA Quality Management Software in the Food Industry:

Document Management:

Like other industries, Food & beverage also upgrading to an electronic documentation process creating a repository of Food quality & safety-related and other regulatory documents and managing them efficiently. AURA quality document management software helps to control records by centralizing documents in a single repository making document search and retrieval easy.

CAPA Management:

Food & beverages need CAPA management processes that can help them to find corrective actions for quality issues generated while following the FSMA standards.  AURA quality management software for the food industry can help you to leverage the advantage of CAPA management incorporated along with the application. It helps companies to perform root cause investigations and arrest deviations in quality control issues using proven methodologies and best practices.

Nonconformance Management:

Nonconformance management is a robust solution needed for Food & beverages industry align to with CAPA management in arresting quality issues raised against standards like ISO 22000, FSMA, HARPC, ISO 15174, HACCP, and GFSI.  AURA enables nonconformance management for F&B companies allowing them to create a centralized location for nonconformance standards and maintain records for future references.

Audit Management:

Like every industry, food & beverages requires preventive maintenance that can be achieved by the audit management system. Audit management generates a preventive analytical report by collecting, recording, and reviewing data. AURA supports feasible internal and external audit management systems generating advanced analytical reports and allowing managers to get a real-time view of the audit process.

AURA a reliable quality management software for the food industry is pre-built with high methodologies with an advanced workflow that can eliminate manual errors. Significantly reduces time consumption of your audit management and review preparation. For more information on AURA quality management software reach us at