10 Mar 2016

Internal & External Audits of Quality Management System

Internal & External Audits of Quality Management System

The process of implementing a systematic examination of Quality Systems is Quality Audit.Quality system audit can be split up in two form / process. i.e., Internal Audit & External Audits of Quality Management System.

Following some specific set of guidelines with the process flow of the organization helps to conduct audits on time. Though getting NC’s are not good symptoms of an organization success, it definitely helps for a continual improvement.

Internal Audit of Quality Management System:

Internal audit helps to know about the SWOT of the organization’s quality management system. The organization may contain different types of operational and administration functions, it always needs an approved checklist for a successful growth.

The important features internal quality audit must contain include the following factors;

  1. An agenda
  2. Audit criteria and scope
  3. Functionality of the audit
  4. Audit methods with auditors & auditee
  5. Roles & responsibilities
  6. Feedback submission for improvisations
  7. Reporting of the audit

External Audit of Quality Management System:

External audit are the one handled by auditors who doesn’t belong to an organization. While internal audit involves around testing the SWOT of an organization, external audit examines the professional process & flow of the organization’s operations i.e from lead generation to handling a business client.

Recent study confirms that over one million businesses employs compulsory external audit for their organization in order to get a certification of quality management i.e ISO.

Organizations that are certified with ISO under external quality management audit are seen with a structured business flow compared to other start-ups and businesses.

Important features in external audit of Quality Management System are;

  1. A formal business function
  2. Stick to the time frame
  3. Mandatory attributes
  4. Significance of the audit
  5. Handling of misconceptions

On the whole, internal & external audits of QMS involves audit content, QMS tools, performance reports, SWOT analysis for a health organization.

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