02 Mar 2016

Importance to have Document change request in business process

Importance to have Document change request in business process

One of the top concerns of Small to medium businesses is to manage the document change request in the business process. Every business has a streamlined process flow for continual growth with a vision and mission as the backbone. Document change request is a charter with call-for or call-on requests that differ accordingly to the nature of a business and its process.

Document Change Request – DCR:

The vital purpose of Document Change Request results in the improvisation of a business process that ultimately leads to increased ROI. DCR comprise of varies steps for a success implementation in a business. Initially the DCR transactions emerges from creation of DCR, SWOT analysis, scope determination, evaluation of end results, approvals, incorporation, time management and more.

In this article, we explain you the importance of Document Change Request in Business process gradually. Top important components to be filled in the DCR are document ID, initiated date, priority, type, client name, EDC and the content for DCR.

  1. Dictate the purpose of the change
  2. Prediction of results on implementing the change
  3. SWOT analysis & Approval
  4. Proper incorporation of the approved change

Document Change Request has different names depending on the business niche but with same concepts.

  • Request For Change
  • Change Request
  • Operational Change Request (OCR)
  • Enterprise Change Request (ECR)
  • Engineering Change Request (ECR)

Priorities in Document Change Request:

  • Normal Change
  • Urgent Change
  • Administrative Change
  • Process Change
  • General Change
  • Corrective Action Change

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