01 Aug 2019

Overcome the challenges of Quality compliance commonly faced today, by using technology

Overcome the challenges of Quality compliance commonly faced today, by using technology

The real advantage of using a QMS software in an organisation for audit and compliance purposes, is obviously to help a Quality Management System (QMS) team or MR team is the task of putting the organisation on the right ‘Quality’ track. Therefore, if the QMS is not software supported, then managers and auditors have more files to work upon and paperwork that mount up in office, which is again is duplication of work. With a software like AURA installed, all information is ready at hand online (paperless) and reports can be drawn out at a click of a mouse. Non-compliance can be revealed in hardly any time by the QMS software.

Maintaining compliance is a common challenge

Compliance even today remains a top priority for the management. For instance, in the case of manufacturers in pharma, they must comply with rapidly evolving complex regulations, before selling products in market. Failure to comply not only affects profitability of the company & sometimes penalties, but in pharmaceuticals it also jeopardizes customers’ health & well-being. So, it still remains a top priority for quality teams.

Improving economic performance is a priority

Another challenge that QMS team or MR team focus upon is on improving the economic performance of the company. Firms are nowadays moving towards performance based quality systems, due to partly the technological and industrial transformation, which has accelerated in modern times. The lack of communication and collaboration tools has been found by a study, to be the barrier for economic performance, from the feedback of respondents. This is where web-enabled QMS software play a crucial role in compliance and audit. With wireless technology and smartphones (and mobile apps) the internet is now available on-the-go to most people.

Cutting costs in Departments is a challenge

The digital age has pushed up the value of accurate data and provided innovative technologies for automation, integration and centralisation. QMS teams have to steer on the fine line between budget constraints and compliance, which lead to good performance. The exercise can be focused department-wise to yield sustainable results. Currently data remains the principal driver for improvement of quality. Thus it encourages tech investments, like in a scalable quality management software, that helps in cost cutting and other fine tuning to improve the bottom line of the organisation.

AURA Quality Management System is the right choice, being a web-based quality management software. The software works by assisting in comprehensive quality implementation to keep firms efficient and profitable and to meet all regulatory requirements. For more details and/or for a demo, just submit online an enquiry. Or just visit to know more.