09 Jan 2019

How a Quality Management Software Can Benefit The Pharmaceutical Industry Player

How a Quality Management Software Can Benefit The Pharmaceutical Industry Player

A growing organisation has to find a good quality management system (QMS) that can accommodate and customise its requirements and critical needs, so as to streamline processes and support its expansion. The QMS software that you plan to install need to fit your short-term and long-term goals simultaneously, besides easing up complex regulatory processes across a large and varied workforce.

What are your needs and priorities?

The trend in the pharma industry is to change over from legacy systems to a modern QMS system, accessible online and ready for the next generation. There’s no one-size fits all solution here. You must consider customisation and adapting of unique features that are critical to your operations, before you decide on a product/provider.

The QMS should accommodate employee training and document management features relevant to your organisation. The size of your company, the catalogue of products and scalability of the software are important factors in a growth plan. The world’s best companies are all opting for a ‘lean and agile’ QMS and this can be a guideline for you.

QMS has an evolving role

The role of the QMS can evolve significantly over a period of time. From high document control, and compliance, the system should be able to grow to support quality, excellence and transparency, rapidly adaptable to complex processes over time to meet regulation and market needs.

Configuration and Visualisation

Ease of configuration is part of a good lean QMS system and which does not require complex code customisation. The quality team should build and implement the processes with electronics without programming support. It will also help certifying bodies with easier process revalidation. The QMS software should support document control at every phase and also grow with the scale. Evolving pharma companies need to integrate role specific training to establish a line of compliances to enable certification like ISO.

The system should enable visualisation, which allows easy issue resolution, tracking non-conformities and effectively quick resolution. A good QMS feature will be to integrate production process with quality processes. Clear documentation regarding product design and development is required to help in product approval. Pharma companies need to be prepared to comply with potential and specific audit requests. To reduce regulatory risks, the system should provide for integrating the audit management systems.

Aura quality management is a useful QMS software for pharmaceutical industry. As the organisation goes implementing processes and procedures the QMS also paves ways and methods to adhere to established quality standards.

Quality management professionals aim to keep any organisation competitive and help it gain business benefits over time. Make use of our superlative web-based quality management software that supports in adhering to business and ISO standards. Aura QMS and is scalable to meet the future requirements of most companies belonging to a wide range of industries.

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