04 Feb 2020

Not having a Right Quality Management Software is Risky and Costly

Not having a Right Quality Management Software is Risky and Costly

A right Quality Management Software (QMS) aims to promote operational excellence for an organisation in business, service or otherwise. However, many organisations or companies have not yet adopted enterprise level QMS and the software to run it effectively. Nevertheless, most companies, especially those in the manufacturing industry, are realizing that the losses in productivity and money are mounting if without QMS software support.

Implementing a right QMS software may be an enormous task, but not having it is riskier and costly in retrospect. QMS is actually worth the investment in time and money The process to systematically examine a modern QMS is an audit. It also works as a good educative exercise.

not implementing a QMS software creates a risk, as the companies have to rely upon a manual process, which takes time and is prone to errors. Retrieval of data and records is a cumbersome task and an audit will take more time to prepare and run. The system supports the compliance related to certifications, standards, regulations and statutes.

It is not easy to go through continuous improvements or to implement corrective actions. The risk of faults and defects will increase in the process or production line of the company. In manufacturing or product development, continuous improvement lowers costs and non-conforming products increase costs.

Reactive approach to Quality will cost more than one can imagine. Relying on a manual process is a reactive approach. Instead of preventing errors or problems before they happen, the company reacts to an issue or problem after it occurs, to try to contain or mitigate its effects. This approach also increases the probability of distributing defective products that may have to be recalled or reworked. Redesigning or remaking the product incurs costs and time to market. Such an issue may also damage the reputation of the company.

When the QMS is implemented it leads to customer satisfaction by prioritization. It is also supported by customer feedback and by other sources of information and data both internal and external. An effective QMS software also develops a good documentation system which formalizes and tracks processes, procedures and documents, simultaneously assigning responsibilities for achieving quality and helps in consistently delivering quality products or services in the desired markets.

Go for a web-based QMS software as soon as you can. It helps in quality audits and improves efficiency and productivity of the company. Implement a modern right QMS software like AURA, which is scalable and multi-location enabled. For more details, kindly visit our website –