17 Feb 2016

Role of Continual Improvement in business success

Role of Continual Improvement in business success

In today’s emerging business environment and quality driven world, organizations have to focus on offering quality products and services to their customers. Quality becomes a significant tool to thrive in the competition. To gain reputation and succeed in business with customer satisfaction, continual improvements are crucial.

Continual improvement is a method of adherence and timely adoption to change that is focused on increasing the effectiveness /efficiency of an organization to fulfill and meet its objectives. It is not limited to quality initiatives. Continual improvements focuses on the perfection in business strategy, business results, and customer, employee, supplier relationships subjected to frequent changes. Simply, it means ‘getting better all the time’.

Continual improvements are not only for business development and process monitoring, improvements can also be applied for:

  • Internal communications
  • Follow-up activities
  • Documenting procedures
  • Effectiveness of management review meetings
  • Customer feedback systems
  • Training programmes, etc

Benefits achieved through continual improvements are important for the development of businesses with higher quality standards. Stable progress and improvements in key focus areas will make organizations to perform better, gain repeat business and achieve customer satisfaction.

Effectiveness of continual improvement process is determined by examining the evidence that organization has ensured through improvement objectives which is associated with overall goal of enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing the level QMS performance.

Quality is a powerful tool, which can make a business shine and remember it is a non-stop journey not a destination“

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